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Equitheme clint mat kypärä

Shell in ABS, very resistant to impacts, even in extreme temperatures.
Very light high density skull cap in EPS (expanded polystyrene) with excellent shock absorption properties.
The hundreds of semi-circles embedded in the surface of the skull cap not only improve shock absorption, but also provide excellent air circulation along with the front, back and central air vents.
Inner padding in humidity-absorbent fabric, detachable and washable.
Adjust-Fit system: adjusting wheel at rear mounted on a 5-position hoop for a precise adjustment of the helmet to your anatomy.
Microfibre harness with quick release clasp, 4-point fastening fitted into the back of the neck and equipped with chin protection.
Supple peak. Weight: between 430 and 530 g.
CE approved helmet, complies with the EN1384:2012 standard amended by coordination sheet VG1 RfU CNB/P/01. 040:2014-12. TÜV certification.

Tuotteen paino: 1 kg

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