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Privilege Air safe paukkuliivi

AIRSAFE jackets will bring you all the elegance and safety you need during your competitions (with the riding jacket) or at training (with the softshell jackets, with or without sleeves). Its airbag lining has been especially developed by Privilège Equitation to protect you in case of fall (neck, vertebral column, coccyx, chest, pelvis). AIRSAFE jackets designs and extreme elasticity of their fabrics have been studied in order to authorize an optimum inflation of airbag in 0,123 second (nearly 0.01 or 0.02 sec, according to weather conditions, pressure, temperature ...) when the average lapse between rider is unhorse and ground contact is around 0.2 second. This ensures the Airsafe jacket will actually been inflated before rider will touch the ground ! Airsafe jacket is connected to saddle through two straps : first strap hitched to stirrups bars, a second strap is hitched to a compressed air canister (on the jacket) and linked to the first strap with a snap hook. The AIRSAFE lining suit to all the jackets of the AIRSAFE range, you can use it either with your riding jacket or your softshell jacket (with or without sleeves) ! The trigger is let free outside thanks a discreet opening, and hitched to the saddle as usual. The airbag lining is fixed to the jacket with two front zippers and 5 press studs all around the neck. The jacket closure is ensured by a front zip.

HUOM! Tilaustuote, joitain kokoja saattaa olla heti varastossa

Tuotteen paino: 2 kg

Hinta:650.00 €


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