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Horse Pilot Paukkuliivi

We know what the rider needs when it comes to both safety and appearance, so we leapt at the challenge of creating the first airbag to combine comfort, protection and discretion. We worked with In&Motion, specialists in airbag solutions for skiing and motorbiking to create this next generation airbag. It looks like a sleeveless tight-fitting jacket; the airbag is zipped under a top layer which we designed to be extremely thin and stretchy, adding practically no weight to the vest but able to withstand the triggering of the airbag. The outer layer is also washable. The leash which links the rider to the saddle is magnetic; it can be connected and disconnected with one hand, allowing the rider to maintain hold of the reins. A red tag reminds the rider to disconnect the airbag before dismounting.

Light, stretchable panels withstand inflation of the airbag and fit under the jacket without adding extra thickness.

Patented magnetic system, it can be opened and closed with a single hand using a pull at the red buckle.

HUOM! Kaikkia kokoja ei aina heti varastossa, jos tarvitsee tilata, toimitusaika n. 14 arkipäivää

Tuotteen paino: 2 kg

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