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Montar Karina kisapaita

Cool and classic! Karina competition shirt is the perfect classic for your equestrian wardrobe. The shirt has a silver zipper and stunning lining on the neck with both silver studs and crystals. On the front left chest and right upper arms are subtle silver Rebel logos. The shirt is made with mesh under both arms and down the side to make the shirt extra breathable. For a full glittery Rebel outfit combine Karina competition shirt with our beautiful Lina breeches and stylish Amina competition jacket. Rebel is never boring!

Micro polyamide 93%, Elastane 7%

  • Competition shirt
  • Mesh fabric down the side
  • Neck zipper

HUOM! Sinisesä sininen kaulus, ei sallittu kisoissa,mutta menee esim. treenipaitana hyvin

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