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GPA Easy evo Hybrid kypärä

ncreased cushioning and breathtaking ventilation
The thermoplastic resin outer shell minimises the risk of perforation in the event of a fall. The inner shell, made of expanded polystyrene, damps and spreads the shock from the impact. Thanks to its front vents and rear outlets, this helmet offers optimal ventilation.

Unparalleled comfort
This new one-piece and removable liner is washable and, where necessary, replaceable. Its soft and fluffy fabric has been given an antibacterial treatment.

Better neck protection and a more secure hold
The classic chinstrap is replaced by a hybrid system, a new exclusive from GPA. A cross between the twin lock system and the traditional chinstrap, its rear part is made of thermoplastic resin and incorporated fibreglass fabric. Its nylon straps, covered with synthetic leather, fasten by means of a two-part buckle. Thanks to its rigid part at the back which extends the shell, the hybrid chinstrap guarantees more extensive protection and better support for the helmet on the head. Its more affordable price and design will also win over the more conventional riders as well.


Tuotteen paino: 2 kg

Hinta:545.00 €


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