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Helite ZIP'IN 2 paukkuliivi

This 2-in-1 airbag vest can be worn alone or under an approved outer. It appeals
to riders who want to combine convenience, style and optimal protection.

Big protection volume: the big protection volume (between 14 and 28 L depending
on the size of the airbag) prevents serious injuries. The unique shape of the
airbag absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from head to tailbone.

Mechanical system: reliable, simple and robust system. Simply hook the lanyard
of the airbag vest to the saddle using the saddle strap. The airbag inflates
when the lanyard is pulled off.

Zip’In technology: the airbag liner Zip’In 2 is a 2-in-1 vest that can be worn
alone but should be preferably worn under an approved outer. It only takes a few
seconds to combine the airbag with the outer (Helite, Oscar & Gabrielle
Freejump, Dada Sport).

Reusable: fast and easy reconditioning of the system by the rider. You simply
need to replace the used CO2 cartridge by a new one of the same capacity.



Tuotteen paino: 2 kg

Hinta:665.00 €


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