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Catago neat naisten frakki

Classic double-breasted dressage competition dress coat designed from a breathable 4-way stretch fabric. High elasticity ensures optimal freedom of movement. Back darting, combined with an overlapping single back vent, create a classic and elegant silhouette to contrast the fabric technicality. Unique feature in the leather-look wipe-clean tail lining, which are also weighted to keep the jacket ends in position. Collar and waistcoat points come with tonal crystal tape decoration. Detachable suede waistcoat points can be replaced with a longer version if needed. Front closure is by means of a hidden zipper below three buttons, which allows the jacket to hold and lie smoothly across the chest during movement. Three matching shiny gun metal finish faux buttons, decorated with fine logo etching, complete the sleeves. Small ornamental slit pocket on breast.

HUOM! Tilaustuote, toimitusaika n.3-4 arkipäivää

Tuotteen paino: 1 kg

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