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Catago Fallon kisatakki

Sporty summer competition jacket designed from a breathable 4-way stretch mesh fabric. Super lightweight and airy jacket which provides maximum ventilation for the rider. Superior functional performance in terms of the fabric's ability to stretch in areas of high and sudden motion. Front and back darting, combined with double back venting, create a classic and elegant silhouette. Front closure is by means of a hidden zipper below 4 buttons, which allows the jacket to hold and lie smoothly across the chest during movement. 3 faux buttons complete the sleeves with an adjacent small tonal embroidered logo on the left sleeve. Buttons are edged with a matte gun metal effect which gives a gentle accent down the midline. Front pockets are finished with delicate slimline zips. Available in black and navy.

HUOM! Tilaustuote, toimitusaika n.3-4 arkipäivää

Tuotteen paino: 1 kg

Hinta:249.00 €


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