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Catago Rhea frakki

Classic double-breasted dressage competition dress coat designed from a breathable 4-way stretch knitted fabric combination. Matte finish fabric allows the tailoring to do the talking. Super lightweight and water repellent jacket, with excellent fabric elasticity, insures optimal performance and functionality. Back darting, combined with an overlapping single back vent and a faux half belt, create a classic and elegant silhouette to contrast the fabric technicality. Collar, front vest flaps come with tonal crystal tape decoration. Front closure 3 buttons and 3 hidden buttons, which allows the jacket to hold and lie smoothly across the chest during movement. 3 faux buttons complete the sleeves. Matte finish buttons are decorated with fine logo etching. Small ornamental slit breast pocket. Available in black.

HUOM! Tilaustuote, toimitusaika n.3-4 arkipäivää

Tuotteen paino: 1 kg

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