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EGO7 Lyra Minichaps

EGO7 Lyra half chaps, comfort and modern design combined. EGO7 half chaps are crafted of smooth, highest quality leather with E-tex panel and double-elastic gusset along the rear zipper for extreme wear-resistance.

The full-length elastic band eases fitting and stretches when needed while riding and enhances ventilation and breathability.

The front elastic design is a smart solution to provide additional freedom of movement the extra-strong foot guard ensure the snug fit and flexibility.

The Italian design follows the elegant calf silhouette for a comfortable and seductive skin-tight result.

HUOM! Kaikkia kokoja ei varastoida, mikäli haluat jonkun muun koon, ilmoita lisätietoja kentässä,niin tilaamme

Tuotteen paino: 1 kg

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