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Bombers loose ring happy tongue

The Loose Ring allows for immediate release and relief from tongue and bar pressure. The bit is immediately reset to a neutral position in the horse's mouth.

The Happy Tongue is a solid mouth piece. It is curved and ported to give tongue relief. The Happy Tongue would be a good place to start if your horse is:

  • Shaking its head
  • Sticking its tongue out
  • Sucking its tongue back and as a result making an intermittent coughing noise
  • Trying to put its tongue over the bit
  • Going behind the bit to avoid the contact
  • Snatching the reins forward and down

The rider will know immediately if this is the correct bit, as a horse with a sensitive tongue will finally begin to work into, and accept the contact. Changing the cheekpieces would then allow the rider to adjust the level of control.

HUOM! tilaustuote, toimitusaika n.3-4 arkipäivää (joitain kokoja saattaa olla heti varastossa)

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